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Proud to have ambition


It’s never too early to start planning for your future. So, if you’re currently studying but are passionate about achieving a career in food manufacturing we can give you the training, the structure, the exposure, and the experience you need to become a fully-fledged future leader.



Apply for the graduate scheme


Our awarding winning Graduate schemes are now open for applications. Please click on the button below to apply.



    Do you have a passion for food, a desire to embrace change, the drive to succeed?  Do you want to do more and be more? That’s what it takes to succeed with us!  If you possess all of these qualities, then press “Apply Now” and tell us about yourself!


    Our recruitment process has 4 stages, starting with an application form, and ending with function specific virtual assessment centres.  Further information on the whole process is available when you click on the “Apply Now” link. 



A passion for food. A desire to embrace change. And the drive to succeed. To do more and be more. That’s what it takes to succeed with us. If you possess all these qualities, then you’ll need to show us at each stage of our recruitment process.


Our recruitment process has up to 4 stages dependant on the role you have applied for, these stages range from your online application to assessments, further information explaining what each stage involves can be found below in our Recruitment Process section.



As a Teacher or a parent finding the right information is crucial so you can give your guidance.

We can’t tell you what’s best for an individual, everyone has their own passions, abilities, strengths and learning styles however Bakkavor has career pathways that will appeal to all. It is the chance to gain extra skills and qualifications, experience a working environment and earn a wage.


After successful completion of our programme Bakkavor apprentices can expect a permanent job and nationally recognised, relevant, qualifications.  We offer a competitive salary along with lots of fantastic benefits, excellent career opportunities and the possibility of continuing education up to Master’s degree level.


If you have any further questions then please email:



Stage 1. Initial application and situational judgement test

This is where you’ll enter your name, address and contact details and answer some initial screening questions to check your eligibility for the role. Then you can complete your education and qualification history, give us details of any relevant work experience and tell us a bit more about you.  Then there will be some SJT questions.


Stage 2. Psychometric assessment

We use this stage to start gaining an insight into who you are as a person. It’s not a decision-making step. It just helps inform any questions we may want to ask during your interview.


Stage 3. A short online video interview

This will be viewed by recruiters and used to help shortlist candidates.


Stage 4. A virtual assessment centre

Our graduate assessment centres give us the chance to meet you and find out how you will perform in certain situations.  During the day you will get lots of opportunities to show us your passion for the industry and how your values align with those of our organisation.




We want you to do well. So here are a few hints to help you play to your strengths.


  • Be yourself. Be genuine. Don’t try to be something you’re not or something you think we want you to be. Who you are is good enough for us.
  • Take your time. You might have a lot on, but we believe in getting things right. So, relax, and set aside enough time to complete each stage
  • Show your passion – for your future and for food or the supply of food. We’re full of energy, enthusiasm, and ambition. We want you to be too.
  • Ask questions. You’ll meet some of our current graduates at the assessment centre stage. This is a great chance for you to understand the programme in more detail.
  • Visit us. We’ll be coming to career fairs across the UK. So come and meet us, either virtually or in person so we can bring our programmes to life for you.
  • Video Interviews. Find somewhere quiet and private. Read the questions carefully. And again, just be yourself. Don’t overthink it. Just imagine you’re talking to a friend and give it your best shot.